You’ve Never Seen Anybody Pull A Tooth Like This

Pulling loose teeth at home is a rite of passage of sorts and it’s almost always more fun for the parents than for the kids.

Because going to the dentist is too main stream and conventional tooth pulling methods aren’t nearly as entertaining, mom and dad have to come up with the most creative and crazy ideas to remove their kids’ loose teeth.

Perhaps the most common one is something we’ve all seen or gone through with ourselves: the classing string tied to a door pull. Oh the tears we cried before they banged the door, only to discover it doesn’t even last more than 2 seconds and it doesn’t hurt at all. It’s a fun family memory!

Well, except if you’re a squeamish 5-year-old who’s super scared of a trickle of blood, then it’s probably going to be filed to your ‘traumatic experiences’ folder.

Some parents have even gone more adventurous by using cars, a bike, a Nerf gun, a dog, and even a parrot to pull out their kids’ loose teeth.

But we’re willing to bet you’ve probably never seen anybody pull a tooth with a sled!

That’s right. This is a bright, new idea right here if you’re a parent with a kid who has a loose tooth, living in the snowy parts of the US.

This brave little girl shows us how it’s done.

Watch the full video here and enjoy her big proud one-tooth-less smile at the end! [mashshare]

Youngster Uses Sledge To Pull Out Loose Tooth

Is this the craziest way you have seen a tooth removed? 😲

Posted by Storytrender on Sunday, February 3, 2019

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