You’d Think This House Was Tiny, Until You Get Invited Inside

Emma, originally from Australia, moved to Japan to study and is now living in her comfy 86 square foot apartment. You’d be surprised to find that she has all the living essentials packed in a very tiny space – a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, garden and even a small balcony for her collapsible bicycle. The only downside is that when her friends come over, they can only sit on the floor or on the balcony by her bicycle.

  1. A compact 176 square foot house for a family of 3 (and a dog)

A man named Victor from Belarus thought he spent too much time and money on a temporary rented flat. So he came up with the idea to build a compact house where 3 people and a dog can live. Victor modified a German building project to fit their needs and managed to pack his 176 square foot micro house with all the essentials.

  1. A couple’s wooden house on wheels

Imagine waking up every morning and seeing a different city each time. Jenna and Gulami, a young couple from Los Angeles, sold everything they had, quit their jobs in Hollywood and devoted all their time to turning their dream into reality – to build a house on wheels, drive across the country and engage in travel journalism. After a year and a half and painstaking work Jenna and Gulami achieved their goal and the result was incredible – a real wooden housed driving from state to state.

Watch the full video here to see 5 more tiny home inspirations. [mashshare]

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