Would You Pay a Homeless Guy $20 To Tell You Jokes? This Man Did and Watch This Video To See His Money’s Worth


A recent Reddit post racked up 44.6k points when a Reddit user by the username ‘goodlyearth’ posted a video of him meeting a homeless guy on a pier at Venice Beach who was telling jokes for donations. So the Reddit user gave him $20 so he can hear the homeless guy’s best three jokes. He didn’t disappoint.

The video was only posted on the Reddit platform 25 days ago and it has already gone viral. People from all over the world flocked on the comments, a little worried that ‘goodlyearth’ just put the homeless guy out of business because now everyone knows his best jokes. But not to worry, Venice is a tourist-rich city and dread-locked homeless guy will get a fresh audience every day – ideally people who aren’t Reddit geeks by night.

Let’s play a game. Try guessing the joke before watching the video:

  1. What do you call a bear with no teeth?
  2. What did the hippie tell the lifeguard?
  3. What do you call a Mexican with three eyes?

Ey, no cheating! Or else we’ll fine you $20!

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Watch the full video here and let us know if you think he got his money’s worth with this homeless guy’s jokes.

I met a homeless guy on the pier at Venice Beach today. He was telling jokes for donations. I gave him $20 to tell me his three best. I was not disappointed nor will you. from funny

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