What Would It Be Like To Remember Every Second Of Your Life?

Imagine being able to remember every small detail of your life – the weather, the news headline, or what shoes you wore at 9:14 am on a Tuesday, 10 years ago. Sounds impossible, but there are 10 people around the world who have been found to have this extremely rare medical phenomenon.

60 Minutes Australia interviewed veteran Hollywood actress, Mary Lou Henner. She starred in the sitcom Taxi back in the 1970s. While she may have been loved by the limelight, she is famous among family and friends for remembering EVERYTHING.

The show tried to see just how far back Mary Lou’s memory goes by picking at random an episode of Taxi filmed more than 30 years ago. And before Liz, the interviewer, could even ask the question about the Taxi episode ‘Come As You Are’ filmed in 1978, Mary Lou proceeded to narrate what she wore on particular scenes and even recited her co-actors’ lines!

There are only 9 other people in the world known to possess the same superior autobiographical memory as Mary Lou. While Mary Lou enjoys this gift, it doesn’t go the same for everyone. Jill Price, who was the first person to be diagnosed with this mind-boggling condition, sees it as a burden. After all, not all days are postcard worthy and archiving unpleasant memories is one of the ways we cope. But that’s just not possible for Jill because she remembers absolutely every single day of her life.

Is this all for real? Well, they say to see is to believe. Watch these superhumans in action here. [mashshare]

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