Watch These Kids’ Imaginary Cakes Materialize For Real

When it comes to kids and cakes, there’s no limit to the imagination.

Bon Appetit, a Youtube channel, started a series called The Most Amazingest Cakes and in one episode featured a bunch of kids and their dream cake ideas. The cute tots were unaware that behind the blue paper wall are the talented bakers at Duff’s Cake Mix listening in on their conversations and secretly whipping up their fantasy cakes to life.

It starts quite creepy with one kid saying, “I like fire,” stares blankly at somewhere, says “Ha!” and returns to a blank stare. Should we be worried? The other kids were pretty enthusiastic about it, drawing things like unicorns, rainbows, a poopy cat and their dentist friend.

A few minutes later, the cakes are brought out for the great reveal and their reactions are priceless. The girls squealed with delight at the colorful unicorns and seeing their names on their beautiful cake. One of the boys, George, got Thor’s hammer to top off his cake and lovingly offered it to his mom who was standing behind the camera. We’re suckers for little boys who love their moms like that.

But well, the cakes don’t last for long as they started digging in into its chocolate insides – (with some hesitation because they thought it was made out of Play Doh.) The boy who liked fire also started punching the cake to pieces, which we thought was a waste; that cake could have been sitting happily in our stomachs.

We feel a bit bad for the bakers who made these ‘amazingest cakes’ to watch them get destroyed in minutes, but hey it made for a cute show and everyone’s going to know how amazing the bakers at Duff Cake Mix are.

Watch the whole video here. [mashshare]

If you were to have your own dream cake made, what would it look like? Let us know in the comments below!

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