Watch These Artists Make Basketball Courts Their Canvas

Basketball connects people of all walks and generations. As such, local basketball courts take a lot of beating as lovers of the sport play on them day in and day out. When these basketball courts end up with cracks, dips, and pivots, the government usually calls in a local contractor to do some fillings and resurfacing, and then get repainted.

But some basketball enthusiasts who are also amazing artists take these renovations up a notch. Dan Peterson and his company founded Project Backboard, where his team alongside community volunteers and local artists, resurface public basketball courts and turn them into pieces of art. Project Backboard was founded in 2015 and they have worked on over two dozen courts around the world.

In this feature by Great Big Story, we are taken through the process of renovating Lincoln Park, a park in New Rochelle, New York, that was a big part of Project Backboard’s founder’s childhood. Peterson views the basketball court as the place where you learn to be an engaged citizen. It is where you get to meet your neighbors and connect with them with a common purpose. Most people think of basketball courts as a nuisance, but for Peterson, it is one spot where communities are brought together.

Karo, one of Dan’s community volunteers on the Lincoln Park project says that it is a very rewarding experience to be helping take care of their public basketball court. He sees it as his small way of giving back to his community and is more than happy to take on the project to inspire the younger generation to catch on as well.

Watch how Dan Peterson and his team of community volunteers take a beaten up Lincoln Park to a vibrant piece of art that their local neighborhood can be proud of and enjoy playing in for many years. Click here to see the full story. [mashshare]

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