Does Your Pet Have The Wackiest Name? A Public Vote Out Of 700,000 Pets Insured By Nationwide


For many pet owners, their pets are their world. And it shows, first of all, by the way they name them. Some names are simple but there are monikers that hold a story or special meaning behind them.

Think that yours is creative or quirky?

Ever heard a cat named Princess Consuela Bananahammock? Or a dog by the name of Chauncey Von Poops A Lot?


As laughable as they are, these names most likely demonstrate that the bearers hold special places in the family.

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Check out this public vote put together by Nationwide, one of the largest pet health insurance provider in the United States.

Out of 700,000 insured pets on the company database come the top 10 wackiest pet names in 2018.



1.   Isabella Miss Worldwide Boo Boo

1.   Pablo Purrcasso

2.   Franklin Woofsevelt

2.   Sir Pounce A Lot

3.   Ruffy the Vampire Slayer

3.   Mewpocalypse Yarn Killer

4.   Vladimir Poochin

4.   Edward Scissorpaws

5.   Sir Lix A Lot

5.   Sir Reginald Fluffybutt

6.   Chauncey Von Poops a Lot

6.   Princess Consuela Bananahammock

7.   Madame Squishy Van Wrinkleface

7.   Bobcat the Builder


8.   Lord Stanley the Pup

8.   Colonel Puff Puff

9.   Little Bunny Foo Foo

9.   Majesticoons Carefree Dior Blue Knight

10. Sylvester Stud Puddin’ Pop

10. Banana Pawz

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