Urban Garden Hacks for People Who Don’t Have A Garden

  1. Self-Watering Seed Starter [mashshare]

We’re always finding ways to reuse and recycle plastic bottles to help reduce global plastic waste. One way to do this is to make DIY self-watering seed starters out of plastic bottles. Cut off the top dome of a plastic bottle so you’ll have two separate pieces: a funnel-like piece and a straight “jar”. Drill a hole on the lid, fully soak a 12-inch long yarn in water, pull it through the hole halfway through and recap the funnel piece. There should be yarn sitting on your funnel and yarn falling towards the bottom of the jar piece. Mix some starter soil with water and pot the funnel halfway through. Dig three holes a knuckle deep and drop in seeds. Cover the holes with soil. You can now then add water to your jar, sit back and admire your DIY self-watering seed starter.

Watch the full video here for more garden hacks for the green thumbs living in the city.


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