This Teenage Girl Helps a Blind and Deaf Man on a Flight

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

As time passes by, the world becomes more cruel and chaotic. We hear news of wars and famine and natural disasters. Life is getting harder by the moment.

If it is already hard for those who are able to see and hear and walk normally, how much more for those who can’t? I wonder, how do they survive day by day without seeing or hearing? The answer might just be as simple as this: kindness.

To a perfectly capable person, a small act of help may be insignificant, sometimes even insulting to their so-called strength. But to one who is suffering, one who is in pain, it is hope.

It is what gives color to a blind man’s eyes and music to a deaf man’s ears.  It is a terribly lonely place to be when you are deprived of your senses, but kindness makes the loneliness bearable, perhaps even conquerable.

One story of kindness that has touched so many is of a teenage girl on a flight to Massachusetts. The flight attendants announced if there was anyone on the plane who knew ASL or American Sign Language. Clara Daly had taken up ASL for about a year so she volunteered herself.

It turns out there was a blind and deaf man on the plane and they needed someone to finger spell in order to communicate with the man. Clara took the challenge and spelled on the man’s palm the questions, “How are you?” and “Do you need anything?” to which the man replied that he needs a glass of water.

Clara then returned to her seat after giving him a glass of water, but the flight attendant approached her and asked her if she could keep the man company. Clara went back to the man and had a conversation with him for the last hour of their flight, talking about life and their families.

Watch the heart-touching encounter here. [mashshare]

Heartwarming moment dyslexic teen helps deaf, blind man on flight

"It's just something you do." The teenager who went viral for helping a deaf and blind man on a flight speaks out.

Posted by SBS News on Monday, June 25, 2018

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