This Micro-Mini Kitty Almost Didn’t Survive, Until She Found a Hero

Thumbelina was born as a micro-mini kitten and wasn’t growing as much as she should like her brothers and sisters. People who knew Thumbelina didn’t think she would make it, but her foster mom wanted to give her a real fighting chance. This is Thumbelina’s story.

Rachel Graham, her foster mom, adopted her from the shelter as this skinny, thin-haired, extremely tiny kitty. Thumbelina peered back at her from the back of the kittens’ cage and Rachel immediately knew this kitty was special. She took Thumbelina and ran out of the room holding a live kitten the same size as a pickle.

Rachel admits being scared if Thumbelina will even survive. The poor micro-mini kitten couldn’t walk very well. For the first few days, Rachel would mentally prepare herself to find Thumbelina gone – but every day, Thumbelina’s little face would pop up and Rachel would shower her with little hugs and kisses, just to give her all the love and care possible, not knowing how long she’ll hold up.

After 3 weeks, Thumbelina started showing signs of improvement in her breathing, her appearance, and her gait. She was also already eating on her own. That’s when Rachel knew Thumbelina was going to make it. She may be smaller, and developmentally slower than other cats, but she’s a very determined kitty and we see how much she’s fought to be where she is right now.

Watch this heartwarming story of Thumbelina, a micro-mini kitty, who may have not survived had she not met her hero – her foster mom Rachel Graham. [mashshare]

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