This is What Happens When a Koala Discovers Air Conditioning

What would you do if a koala suddenly pops into your car?

Such was the dilemma of Tim Whitrow while he went to his field one day.

The winemaker went out of his car to sample fruit for his next harvest and left the air conditioning on in his car.

When he got back, he was surprised to find a koala the size of a toddler chilling in the backseat. It seemed entirely pleased at discovering air conditioning on a hot afternoon.

Whitrow coaxed the animal gently into going out, but the koala would not budge. It ended up brushing away his camera and climbing into the front seat, much to Whitrow’s dismay.

It also dug its claws into the dashboard as Whitrow tried to pull him away, hanging on for dear life.

After several minutes and a few failed attempts, the koala finally dashed outside.

Watch their encounter here. [mashshare]

This Koala Snuck Into An Air-Conditioned Car

This koala snuck into an air-conditioned car and wouldn't get out 🐨🌬

Posted by BuzzFeed News on Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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