This Is How Sugar Is Made

Processed sugar is everywhere.

It’s in your breakfast muffin, your dad’s birthday cake, your favorite Frappucino, that tub of ice cream, and the teaspoon of sweet stuff you put in your morning tea. For many years we’ve all become unwarily addicted to satisfying our sweet tooth cravings that it’s hard to imagine life without sweets.

But do you know how sugar is made and what the process looks like from farm to table?

We’ve come across a feature video done by Discovery UK on a local sugar mill factory and it altered the way we saw processed sugar. From the point the sugarcanes are harvested, sugar goes through countless complicated chemical reactions and processes to become the way we know it – white, powdery crystals.

Love it or hate it, this video is an eye-opener on how much work goes into your sweeteners, and also how processed sugar is more man-made than you’ve initially thought. And while this factory’s method cannot represent every sugar mill in the world, it features the few parts of sugar production that you can’t look away from.

We wish making sugar could be as easy as putting the sugarcane on a crafting table (hello Minecraft fans!), and there were less chemicals involved. You might want to consider switching to more natural sweeteners after this.

Watch the full video here to learn how processed sugar is made from scratch. [mashshare]

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