This Guy Shows Us What Privilege Looks Like

A bunch of young students gather in a large field and they are preparing to race to the finish line for a $100 prize.

Their instructor calls their attention and tells them to line up shoulder to shoulder as they begin the race.

But before that, he makes a few statements and asks the racers to take two steps forward if the statement applies to them. If not, they stay where they are.

They take two steps forward if:

Their parents are still married.

They have a father figure in the home.

They had access to private education.

They had access to a free tutor growing up.

They never had to worry about your cellphone being shut off.

They never had to help mom and dad with the bills.

It wasn’t because of their athletic ability that they don’t have to pay for college.

They never wondered where their next meal is going to come from.

Each of these statements had nothing to do with anything they’ve done or decisions they’ve made.

And then he asks them to turn around and asks this question:

“We all know these people in front have a better opportunity to win this $100. But does that mean the people back there can’t race?”

The answer is no.

While some people had the privilege to be given more and better opportunities, everyone still has to run the race. How have you been appreciative of the head starts life has given you? And if you’re one of the people who remained standing at the back, do you still have the will to run the race and finish it?

Watch the full video here to see how exactly he showed these young students what privilege means and what lessons they can learn from it. [mashshare]

If someone doesn't understand privilege, show them this video

Everyone needs to watch this

Posted by VT on Monday, October 30, 2017

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