This Girl is Teaching Her Dad Gymnastics And The Results Are Hilarious


Alex is a skilled gymnast who has a very supportive dad. He accompanies her to all of her practices and his daughter in turn tries to teach him the basics of the sport.

In this Facebook video by Viral TRND, you’ll see the hilarious results of Alex’s training. Dad knows he’ll never be as good as Alex but that doesn’t mean he can’t try! Dad has a go on almost every gymnastic toy – the barre, the beam, and inflatable mats – and does a fantastic albeit funny job! He does pretty well for someone who hasn’t had formal training. A Facebook user commented: “If nothing else he can go into wrestling because he sure can take a pounding from the mat! What a great dad showing his baby no matter how hard things get, never give up!”

While he is determined to get better, the time they spend together is the only reward that matters to him. This dad definitely gets an A+ in our book for taking a fraction of his otherwise busy day to bond with his princess gymnast.


Watch the full video here to see the hilarious and heartwarming father and daughter gymnastic tandem that will surely make you smile.

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