This Dog Has a Hard Time Eating a Hotdog

Perhaps one of a pet owner’s joys in life is teasing their own pet.

Whether it’s making a cat smell your feet or playing hide and seek with your dog, a lot of videos have been going viral on social media mainly by showing an owner having fun with their pet.

The pet’s reaction is priceless, of course. Who would have thought that animals could have such human-looking expressions?

One of the internet’s favorite pet icons is Jade the Sable GSD, a pretty German Shepherd who has captured the hearts of so many viewers. Though being a fairly large dog, Jade has the heart and the mind of an adorable puppy, one that makes you want to cuddle and squeeze.

Her owner takes random videos of Jade when Jade is eating, playing with a tennis ball, running around, or posing with a Santa hat on her head, then adds subtitles and quirky texts to let us know what Jade is thinking.

One of Jade’s most watched videos is her struggle with eating a hotdog. This might sound weird, but it really is quite interesting and funny to watch.

It’s not hard to eat a hotdog, but it is when it pops out and disappears every time you try to clamp your jaws on it.

It’s like watching a dog play Whac-a-Mole, or in this case, Catch-a-Hotdog. The clueless doggo tries to get the hotdog for her dear life and is met with frustration every single time, until her owner feels sorry and finally hands the hotdog to the craving pet.

You can watch more of her videos on Instagram at @jadethesablegsd. Jade is also a Youtube and Facebook star with the name “Jade the Sable GSD”.

She has millions of followers on different platforms. After all, she is quite a “HECKIN | GOOD | GIRL” as her bio says.

Watch her bout with the hotdog here. [mashshare]

I will never allow a hot dog to bamboozle me. Never. 🌭

Posted by MetDaan Animals on Friday, February 15, 2019

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