This Chinese Man Was Unwilling To Pay For a $3 Car Wash Fee – So He Did This Stupid Thing

As the most intelligent specie on Earth, you’d expect humans to perform like the superior creatures that we are. But sometimes, a cog falls off the gears and we do incredibly stupid things like this Chinese man who wasn’t willing to way for a 20-yuan or $3 car wash fee. In his mind, he found the brightest and cheapest solution to this. He drove his Land Rover to a river for a free car wash from nature.

Unlucky him though, the upper dam gates opened and flooded the river. The Land Rover was slowly getting washed upstream so he abandoned his car and escaped to shore and called the police. It must have been one of the weirdest calls they’ve ever got. Eventually, he was rescued and so did his Land Rover, but not without permanent water damage. You can imagine the repairs would most likely cost him more than the $3 car wash fee he refused.

His experience went viral on Chinese social media, and it should. There’s something a lot of us can learn from his mistake. Being stingy has its place and if you can afford an expensive car, then you better be able to maintain it for the long haul.

Watch the full video here to appreciate how mind-blowing this river car wash idea is in action. [mashshare]

Man drives Land Rover into river

This Chinese man didn't want to pay a US$3 car wash fee — so he drove his car into a river.

Posted by South China Morning Post on Monday, July 30, 2018

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