These Makeup Transformations Will Leave You Speechless

 There’s just something about watching these ladies (and guys alike) put on makeup to turn into entirely different people that draws you in and wants you to keep watching until the last minute.

A recent Tiktok video compilation has been making the rounds in our newsfeed lately and it’s equally disturbing as it is entertaining.

A beautiful Asian girl starts off barefaced and transforms into someone else like Nikita Dragun. A man (with a mustache! Imagine…) paints half his face with makeup and reveals his true appearance when he takes his hand off the other half. I wonder how many men this guy has fooled…

Sometime in between the video, we see multiple women starting off with doll-like faces and pokes the bridge of their noses with a pointy thing – and the pointy thing goes through! Turns out they used prostheses to craft better noses for themselves. If only we knew better. They go on to remove the rest of their makeup and they’re unrecognizable from the women we just saw a few seconds earlier.

It’s incredible how makeup artistry has evolved over the years that even regular people like us can now acquire skills that might rival with that of prosthetic makeup artists for the big screen. Makeup has become a literal mask for these people – making us conflicted whether to develop a general distrust for beautiful faces or catch our jaws in utter amazement and respect for the incredible skill this takes.

It does have its pitfalls such as the tragic encounter a Youtuber had with his online girlfriend:

Poor guy. This goes as a warning for anyone who has relationships over the internet. They have embodied the old saying “looks can be deceiving” and it isn’t always “what you see is what you get.”

For the curious, watch them work their makeup magic in the full video compilation right below. [mashshare]

What do you think about these makeup transformations? Have you had real-life encounters with something like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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