These Dads Should Get ‘The Most Heroic Father Award’

We’re all suckers for superhero films. The Avengers franchise wouldn’t have made their billions without people like us who just swoon over the thought of being rescued by heroes with super powers. These fictional characters affect us so much that we’re left sobbing after the final scene of Infinity War, walking out the cinema blank-stared in complete silence, hoping another extremely strong hero can save the day.

But there are heroes in real-life too. You don’t really have to look too far, and they don’t always wear capes. Your dad probably saved your life more times than you’re aware of, back when you were a skittish tot who didn’t know cars can actually kill you if you cross the road without looking right and left. Typical dads don’t look like hunky Asgardians, but they’re really our first superheroes.

Before you clutch your pearls, moms are superheroes too, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to survive labor and childbirth and walk away from the hospital 3 days later like nothing happened. We’re just giving dads the credit their due too for their super strength and superhuman reflexes that saved us from falling off a swing or getting chased by our neighbor’s crazy dog. 

Watch the full video here to see how these fathers heroically snatched their kids out of sure danger. These dads should most definitely get ‘The Most Heroic Father Award,’ if that is a thing.

Do you have hero dad stories to tell? Let us know in the comments below! [mashshare]



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