The Young Man Who Got Steve Harvey Emotional on TV


A month ago, an inspiring 20-year-old lad moved the grown man Steve Harvey to tears on TV. This is his story.

Walter Carr walks 20 miles to make it to his first day of work. The young lad was putting in applications after just getting laid off from his job at UPS but nobody gave him a call back – until Bellhop Movers did, and asked him to start work immediately. But the day before his first day of work, his car broke down. Despite this turn of events, Walter was determined to show the mover company that they didn’t make the wrong decision to hire him and so he walked 20 miles from 11:45 pm the night before to make it to the 7:45 am call time.

At 4:00 am he decided to take a two-minute rest just when a Pellham police officer drove by and stopped to ask if he was okay. Walter confessed that he was trying to get to his first day of work. The police officer and Walter happened to have a mutual acquaintance that lived in the area that came to pick him up and drove the young lad the rest of the way.

Walter arrived earlier than he should but was welcomed warmly by the homeowners who contracted the mover company. They were so moved by Walter’s story that they offered to have him go upstairs and take a rest before he starts his day. Walter refused and determinedly said he can start as soon as possible.

These inspiring series of events would then lead to a chain of greater things to come Walter’s way.

What happened next to this amazing young man? And why was Steve Harvey moved to tears with his story?

Watch the full video here to find out. [mashshare]

The Young Man that Moved Steve

This young man inspired multiple acts of kindness and reminds us there is a lot of good in the world. This is an interview you don't want to miss. Thanks to Discover Grenada for sending him on a well-deserved trip to True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.

Posted by Steve TV Show on Friday, November 2, 2018

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