The World’s Most Breathtakingly Fascinating Tiny Towns

Kamikatsu, Japan [mashshare]


This small town is special because it produces almost no trash. You wouldn’t think it was possible until someone else did it. Kamikatsu is Japan’s trashless town. It is home to roughly 1500 people and back in the 1990s its residents were doing zero recycling – either burning their garbage or dumping it in nature. This created carbon dioxide emissions that became dangerous and the nature around them suffered. That’s when they decided to change and adapt to Zero Waste living. This movement started back in 2003 and means there is no throwing away of anything in the trash. Everything has to be recycled. They have to segregate their waste items into 45 categories of recyclables. It sounds like a chore, but over the years, Kamikatsu’s residents have adapted to this practice as their primary lifestyle.


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