The World’s Most Breathtakingly Fascinating Tiny Towns

Santa Cruz Del Islote, Colombia [mashshare]

Just a 2-hour boat ride off the coast of Colombia lies the most densely packed island in the world – Santa Cruz Del Islote. More than 1200 people call this island home, an island only the size of two soccer fields. They’ve got the bare essentials to survive: a school that runs up to tenth grade, two shops, and one restaurant. However, they don’t have a steady supply of water and is equipped with only one generator that runs for only five hours per day. It’s interesting though that there are no police on the island – not when everyone knows each other. 150 years ago, Santa Cruz Del Islote was uninhabited and was only used by fishermen for a temporary stop to rest after a long day of fishing or to take refuge during rough seas. Gradually, some fisherfolk came to build their homes here, the grandparents and the great grandparents of the current generation of residents. Despite the close quarters, they say they wouldn’t trade their peaceful life for anything.

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