The World’s Most Amazing Mascara

We stumbled across an incredibly disturbing video on Facebook of a bunch of girls putting on mascara on their lashes, dragging them down, down, and some more until it looked like a fringe grew out of their eyelids – like, literally.

Apparently, this product has gone viral since and already reached Western shores. It has been dubbed as The World’s Most Amazing Mascara, with its main selling point being the only mascara that will allow you to extend your lashes to extreme lengths that you can even braid them.

If you’re looking to make your peepers pop all the more, then look no further. You might just have found your match made in heaven.

This mascara is called the DDK 4D Silk Mascara that you can conveniently find on Amazon. Famous Youtube makeup artist dope2111 recently put this product to the test to satisfy her curiosity and of course the hundred other girls who have been dying to get their hands on one.

Right off the box, the DDK 4D Silk Mascara looks like any other fiber mascara. The package includes two tubes – one for the base coat and another for the top coat. The box comes with the following instructions for regular application:

  1. Apply base coat that includes the fiber
  2. Apply top coat

If you want the super long lashes version, here are some of the additional steps you should make.

  1. Repeat steps 1 & 2.
  2. Stick 2-3 lashes together with a tweezer and wait for them to dry before applying the Silk fiber.
  3. Twist the lashes like a thread and apply fiber.
  4. Repeat steps until ideal length is achieved.

Watch Youtuber dope2111 try all these steps and witness The World’s Most Amazing Mascara in action: [mashshare]

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