The Wittiest Comebacks To Public Notices

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to stop myself countless times from writing over a bad public notice sign. Like a toilet door that has a bond paper sloppily pasted over it saying, “Please FLASH the toilet,” or a street parking sign saying “Violators will be FINE.”

There are some people who weren’t able to beat the tug to give appropriately hilarious responses to these public notices.

Hilarious Dump 4U has curated photos of well-meaning notices being hilariously trolled by people who couldn’t fight the urge to leave a public witty reply.

  1. The Return of The Purple Marker

A whiteboard sign in orange ink says a purple marker has gone missing and wants it returned asap. You won’t believe what kind of response he got!

  1. Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn

A construction site sports a public notice asking people not to post flyers. Well, we got a funny renegade’s reply with the most epic comeback that may have snatched the foreman’s wig.

  1. The Office Philosopher

A printer is moved to the office that bears the sign: “This printer is here temporarily.” It definitely got this office philosopher thinking deeper than the sign intended.

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