The Video Every Cat Lover Has To See


Cats have a reputation for being snobs, prima donnas and incapable of showing emotions. Some even say they are the face of evil itself. But cat lovers will tell you that you’re terribly wrong, and if they can show you just one video proof to bring you in to the cat lover camp, this would be it.

The Buzzcosmo team are doting dog parents, but we’re giving the spotlight to these cute kitty videos today. The first few seconds will hook you right in, and in no time you’ll find yourself giggling over how cute and funny cats can be. So if you’ve been having a rough day and just need a pick-me-upper, this is it.

These cat videos are purr-fect and it would be a cat-astrophe if you didn’t watch them right meow.


Watch the full video down below and thank us later.

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