The Stinky Secrets of Versailles

Toute L’Histoire released a documentary on the stinky secrets behind the extravagant and gold-gilded Chateau Versailles that we know of today. Apparently, King Louis XIV’s seat of power, the Chateau Versailles, was once an extremely dirty palace; a place where everyone threw the contents of their chamber pots from the windows above.

During the 1600s, the French people had no proper concept of hygiene and very rarely took baths. It is widely believed that they only relieved themselves through chamber pots and when these weren’t enough – pissing walls were built. However this still proved insufficient for the thousands of people living and working in the palace. Some historians say that even visitors had to go #2 just wherever – corridors, hallways, stairwells the courtroom, absolutely anywhere. The concept of bathrooms and bathing for hygiene was only introduced later and there were just 9 bathrooms in the Chateau Versailles that contained about 700 rooms.

Legend has it that Louis XIV only ever bathed once in his entire life. Is this just another preconception, or the stinky truth? Were the royals really as stinky as their dirty palace? Where is the line between fantasy and truth, between stinky and clean, in the palace of the Sun King? What other secrets does this now-magnificent-looking palace hold beneath the gold and luxurious trimmings?

Watch Toute L’Histoire’s interesting and in depth documentary on the stinky secrets of King Louis XIV’s Chateau Versailles – here. [mashshare]

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