The Smallest Bird You’ll Ever See That Almost Didn’t Make It

A man got a call from his neighbors asking him to come over their backyard and look into something. Apparently, something fell on their old garden chairs – a ruined tiny bird’s nest. The good animal Samaritan checked the nest and expected to find nothing but old feathers. But to his surprise, he found two extremely tiny eggs, just as big as a house lizard’s!

He thought of putting them inside the incubator he has at home and give the eggs a chance at life. The process was arduous and required a lot of dedication. The eggs had to be turned thrice a day to ensure the proper formation of the birds’ embryos. On the 4th day, he checked for life and found that only one of the eggs had matured.

The hatching happened so fast that he even missed it. When he opened the tiny cup that was the bird’s makeshift nest, he found the smallest bird he has ever seen – even smaller than his thumb! Immediately he knew the bird was hungry, so he ran to his garden and harvested some lice off his roses. The tiny bird had to be fed every 10 minutes, and eventually he ran out of lice. He was desperately looking for alternatives and was 10 minutes late for their feeding schedule. When he got back, the bird wasn’t as responsive as it was before – it was then he knew he cannot miss any of their scheduled feedings, or else the tiny bird dies.

Watch the full video here to see how this bird hero nursed the tiny chick to life and just watch him grow up into the cutest feathered friend you’ll ever see. It will almost feel like you raised him yourself. [mashshare]

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