The Most Spoiled Children in the World

We were all once children and we always wanted our parents to grant every single request. Well that never happened, and it’s probably for the best so that we don’t grow up feeling cough entitled cough.

However, these kids had parents who can practically afford and gave them everything they ever wanted. How they turn out as adults are something we have yet to see, but in the meantime, meet the most spoiled children in the world:

Barron Trump [mashshare]

Donald Trump has self-declared that his net worth is billions. It seems like Barron Trump has caught on his father’s footsteps when it comes to having the finer things in life. The teenager has his own floor in the Trump Tower located in New York. His mother slathers him with caviar-infused moisturizer that must be super expensive.

Suri Cruise [mashshare]

When you are the heir to the spokesperson of one of the world’s richest churches (a.k.a. Scientology), you’re very likely to get whatever you demand. Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom Cruise, has had a very lavish childhood. At just 6 years old, her dad whisked her away to Disney World and stayed at the very exclusive “Cinderella’s Castle.” Suri also boasts a designer wardrobe that is said to be worth more than $3 million dollars.

Prince George [mashshare]

Of course when you’re of royal blood, some royal pampering should be in order. Such is the case for Prince George. When he was born, brands around the world showered the royal baby with extravagant gifts. One company called Stylefile, even released infant nail clippers just for the new prince. These aren’t just your average infant nail clippers: They pulled out all the stops and fashioned an 18-carat-gold set of clippers encrusted with 350 one-carat diamonds. Now isn’t that fancy?

Curious to take a peek into the extravagant lives of some more of the world’s most spoiled kids? Watch the full video here. [mashshare]


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