The Most Horrifying Mythical Celtic Creatures

Abhartach [mashshare]

During the 5th century n Slaughtaverty, a town in Ireland, a dwarf tyrant called Abhartach ruled his kingdom brutally with dark magic. His subjects conspired with another warlord to assassinate their evil king. Abhartach was murdered and buried standing straight – an honorable burial for his stature. However, he would not remain there. Crawling out from his grave, Abhartach demanded blood tribute from his people to sustain his energy, and had to be fought off by the assassin several times. Eventually, the killer grew tired of the cycle and consulted a local dark magic practitioner. Eventually, Abhartach was kept from returning to life and was finally killed with a “yew wood” sword. He was buried upside down and covered with an enormous stone.


Watch the full video here to see more of the horrifying mythical celtic creatures that would surely trump your worst nightmares.


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