The Monsters in the Mariana Trench That Are More Terrifying Than a Megalodon

Have you ever wondered about what lies in the dark depths of the ocean, especially in the deepest point on Earth – the Mariana Trench? What creatures roam the dark deep and are they worse than the extinct sea monster, the Megalodon?

The Mariana Trench is found in the western Pacific Ocean and lies 124 miles away from the Mariana Islands. It’s a whopping 2,550 km long and 69 km wide. The trench starts at 5,000 meters, but it’s deepest point is called The Challenger Deep and measures at 10,994 meters.

The Mariana Trench presents extreme conditions that make it highly unlikely for living creatures to thrive in its pitch black, chilly darkness. However, there are a few terrifying creatures that call the Mariana Trench home.

One of which is the Fangtooth. This is a weird-looking, carnivorous fish that lives in deep, nocturnal habitats. It earned its name because of its fang-like teeth, the largest teeth of any fish relative to their body size. Two of its fangs are so long that the fang teeth evolved two sockets beside its brain to contain them when the mouth is closed. Apparently, the Fangtooth punctures whatever it bumps into in the dark depths of the trench and hopes it’s food.

But the Fangtooth is not alone in the scary depths of the Mariana Trench. What other creatures are hiding from the human eye in the crevices of the deepest point on Earth? Watch the full video here to explore the scary possibilities of bumping into the most terrifying inhabitants of the Mariana Trench. [mashshare]

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