The 7 Best Dog Parenting Hacks

Caring for your furry friends shouldn’t feel like a chore. After all, they give so much joy and life to our homes.

Here are some of the best useful life hacks by Buzzfeed that every dog parent should know:

  1. Carpet covered in dog hair? [mashshare]

Grab a squeegee or damp rubber gloves and gather the dog hair in even sweeping motions. This works so much better than a broom or a vacuum cleaner.

  1. Doggy eating too fast? [mashshare]

Simply drop a tennis ball in their feeding dish to slow them down!

  1. Don’t have any pet carpet cleaner? [mashshare]

Cover the stain marks with baking soda then let it dry. Vacuum it up and the stain should be gone like the wind. Good as new!

  1. Need to park your dog outside for a few minutes? [mashshare]

Attach a carabiner to your dog’s favorite leash and simply loop it around the carabiner hook for wherever you need to park your fur baby for a while.

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