Swimming in Ice Water Turns Funny and Painful

I wonder what Jack must have felt after Rose left him floating on the ice cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean while the Titanic ship continued to sink in the distance. It must have been around 28 degrees Fahrenheit, just a few degrees shy from freezing point of saltwater. That’s lethally cold, man.

Maybe doing the ice bucket challenge will give you a little preview, but we just found a few Elsa wanna-bes who have something to prove: that the cold never bothered them anyway.

Okay, maybe a little.

In this video by Facebook page Rafi Chowdhury, we see a bunch of people diving headlong into deep layers of snow, breaking open glass lakes, and jumping into freezing pools clad in nothing but boxer shorts – and then climbing out of the water in record-breaking seconds!

One kid who just cannonballed himself to a cold swimming pool couldn’t even stand a minute in the water and asked a serious question right after he got out: “Oh my god, am I gonna die?”

I’ve got some second-hand teeth chattering just watching these people give their body organs a cold shock from the ice water and I’m just glad no one actually drowned in this video.

Watch the full swimming in ice water challenge compilation video here. [mashshare]

Ice water try it

Ice water try itCredit:Nologicinfo

Posted by Rafi Chowdhury on Sunday, December 9, 2018

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