Single, With Kids – This Little Guy Got His Life Figured Out

“I don’t need a wife. But I want to be a daddy.”

This little guy made this pretty bold statement in a video interview by his dad over pizza. Dad’s got some thought-provoking questions thrown at this young man that you can almost see his brain working out how to best answer them – and he didn’t disappoint, you guys. If ever this kid decided he wanted to be TV personality one day, he’d make it big. His facial expressions legit looked like faces a middle-aged man would make while trapped in a cute boy’s body!

The lowdown: he didn’t want to get married, or have a wife. But kids are a good idea. Now how exactly do you plan to do that, little guy? Girls, better watch out for him when he grows up. What a heartbreaker! (But bet you a dollar we all said that at one point in our childhood, too. Show of hands to those who actually took their own 5-year-old-self advice!)

Let’s all stick around for 20 more years and watch this boy change his mind. Find out exactly why he crossed off marriage and girls from his future by watching the full video here. [mashshare]

What would you say if your kid told you the same thing? Let us know in the comments below!

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