Ridiculous Etiquette Rules in The Victorian Era

All cultures and periods have their own unique customs for etiquette and protocol.

From the 1830s to 1901, the culture of Great Britain and the British Empire came under the influence of Victorianism, named after Queen Victoria who was the reigning monarch at the time. The Victorian Era is brutally famous for exhausting expectations of piety and mannerly behavior.

One great example is the restrictive rules in female fashion. During the Victorian era, women were required to wear ridiculous pieces of clothing such as corsets. Back then, corsets were everywhere, and were so common that you’d find women wearing this tight-laced, constrictive clothing even in workhouses and prisons. Not only that, they were also required to wear crinolines. Crinolines were stiff, domed cages designed to hold women’s skirts out in a wide radius away from their legs. The Victorian era also dictated which kind of dress you wore to each different occasion, and how long you had to wear black after the death of a family member.

Another ridiculous thing about the Victorian era, was the need for introduction etiquette. You see, you couldn’t just walk up to somebody and talk to them – you had to be introduced first. And who got introduced to whom depended on the order of precedence, a system of social ranking. How this works is you introduce a lower-ranking baron to a higher-ranking duke, and not the other way around.

Watch the full video here to see more of the ridiculous etiquette rules in the Victorian era and thank the good heavens we don’t have to follow them anymore now. [mashshare]

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