New Game: Dad Uses Kid To Scrape Snow Off Car

Winter is both a magical and troublesome time.

Especially when the snow piles up on your porch and your front door doesn’t budge, and if you don’t have a covered garage, all that snow overnight will be on your car, too. You won’t be going anywhere for a while until you clear that up.

This dad, however, is showing us how to scrape snow off your car in under two minutes with just one tool – his toddler!

That’s right. Who knew kids would come handy one day?

Simply zip them up in a cozy snow suit and you’re good to go. For best results, have them stretch out their arms for maximum coverage.

Dad and kid are obviously having a ball out of their silly time together and scraping the snow off the car in half the time it would usually take you doing it alone.

If you aren’t doing this already with your kids, then you’re missing out on some great memories you can all laugh at 30 years down the line.

File this into your winter to-do-list for the next snowy season!

If you don’t have kids, just borrow your niece or nephew – with their parents’ permission of course!

Watch the full video here for your daily dose of good vibes and boss-level parenting. [mashshare]

Dad Uses Kid To Clear Snow From Car

'I knew having kids would come in handy one day' 😂 ViralHog

Posted by It's Gone Viral on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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