Life Hacks on How to be a Dad

Father-and-child videos are always adorable to watch. There are dad-and-daughter duets. There are dads making memes out of their children. One thing is for sure: dads taking care of their children are always heart-warming. One such father from New Zealand has made a name for himself as he posts videos on how to wing fatherhood. Known as “How to DAD”, he and his adorable kid have about 1.8 million followers. Here are some of the most famous videos that have garnered them such a large following.

How to Teach Your Baby to Walk

There is simply no better way to teach your baby to walk than by teaching him to run – according to How to DAD. First, you pick your baby up, grab him by the hands until he’s just slightly tiptoeing over the floor, and then start running. Once you’ve taught your baby to run, they’ll be ready to walk.

How to Feed Your Baby

The Over-Exaggerate technique makes loud sounds and big movements as the Dad stuffs the spoon into the infant’s mouth. Spoon Bread is simply stabbing a slice of bread with a spoon and offering it to the child. Face Prod is directly but gently prodding the spoon on to the baby’s mouth so he has no choice but to eat. Switcharoo is the technique in which you bait the baby with a piece of chocolate and then stuff the vegetables into his mouth as soon as he opens it. The Flick and Pray involves flicking the spoon and praying that the morsel of food drops directly into your baby’s mouth.

How to Change a Nappy

This video features the different kinds of dads who change their baby’s diaper. The Hold-Your-Breath Dad silently suffers as he changes the poo-filled nappy. The Long-Distance Dad uses tongs to keep a safe distance from the baby’s excretion. The Panic Dad runs into the room, panic-stricken and screaming. The Staunch Dad looks down at his baby and directly refuses to change the nappy.

Which type of Dad are you in each situation? Watch the full video here. [mashshare]



Posted by How to DAD on Monday, June 19, 2017

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