It’s Crazier In the Philippines – Part Two!

One video is just not enough to cover the interesting things you can find in the 7,107 islands sitting in the Pacific Ocean called collectively as The Philippines. If you haven’t seen Part One of this series, head over to this video to get yourself onboard.

Let’s dive in and discover a few more crazy things you can find in the Philippines:

The Callao Man [mashshare]

After spending 4 years exploring a network of caves in the Philippines, archaeologists found a human foot bone. The bone was found to date back to 67,000 years. Now known as the Callao man, the bones were found in the Pena Blanca caves. This find was a breakthrough for archaeologists because these foot bones were 20,000 years older than the Tabon man, who was thought to be the first human settler of the Philippines.

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