Huskies Tried Out Dog Shoes For The First Time But Walked Funny And Then Ran Like A Horse

A man found out about these dog shoes that were always sold out. He saw many dogs were wearing them and wanted to try them out on his own huskies.

He bought 2 pairs of the volt color for his first Husky named Luke. At first, the white snow colored dog didn’t seem to like having shoes on their paws. But the man kept telling him that he’s a good boy.

He said Luke was usually patient…

…but he still needed to be assured over and over so he wouldn’t think he was being punished by having to wear the shoes.

Then, the man told him to walk.

And what a cute sight to see!

Luke was walking in a funny way but after a while, he became used to the shoes and now was running freely.

The man then tried out different shoes on his other husky. Unfortunately, we didn’t get his name. This time, the man led the dog to run by giving him treats but he didn’t seem too comfortable. The man said he might need bigger shoes.

Once the husky tried on a bigger size shoes, he ran freely. His running even sounded like a horse running. There was even one time when one of the shoes fell off while he came running towards the man. [mashshare]

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