How To Slay The Hair Game in Space

Out of the many questions an astronaut gets asked about life in space, quite a bunch of people have had this nagging curiosity on how they maintain their ‘hygiene’ in a weightless environment and just had to ask – “How do you wash your hair in space?”

NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg, Expedition 36 crew member, shows us just that as she films herself doing a mundane task such as washing her hair although her golden locks does not quite fall the same way as ours – of course sans the gravity field. She takes the footage in her quirky bathroom inside the International Space Station.

The first step is to squirt hot water from a silver pouch into the scalp. You can actually see the little droplets floating around! If only we had a no-gravity bathroom here on planet Earth too so we can take quick showers when we’re running late without getting our clothes wet.

Next, she squirts a no-rinse shampoo onto her scalp and massages it in. We think the invention of no-rinse shampoo is a godsend. Just perfect for those days when you can’t give a fuss about taking a bath, blow-drying and styling your hair. Or for those trips you take to space! Although we think astronaut Karen could have saved more time by just chopping some of her hair off and rock a cute bob or something.

Finally, she takes a towel and pat-dries her hair. Apparently, they use towels sparingly in space due to limited supplies. Although she might not need to wash her hair as much as we do – well she doesn’t exactly need to take a walk to work or to a bus stop through a dusty, polluted sidewalk, does she?

It’s still cool to see though how things we don’t really consider special here on Earth is actually pretty interesting when done in space.

Watch NASA astronaut Karen’s full how to slay the hair game in space video right her. [mashshare]

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