How To Make Handmade Candy With A Panda On It

Not all candy are created equal.

Candy is every sweet tooth’s favorite sugary treat. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors that people of all ages enjoy. However, some candies are a cut above the rest because they are handmade.

Candylabs, a handcrafted candy shop based in Montreal, Canada, takes us to an exclusive inside look into the amazing process of creating handmade hard candies. This artisan candy shop uses traditional techniques of candy-making to fashion delightful sweet treats from scratch.

In this video, they show us how their adorable panda candies are handcrafted. You’ll be surprised candy making actually involves a lot of heavy lifting and elbow grease! The process starts with some color mixing and patience as they wait for the candy to reach the ideal temperature for shaping and molding. The artisans then start sugar pulling to incorporate air into the mixture and can weigh as much as about 6 kilograms! How do you work out? I pull sugar!

Then begins the painstaking process of designing the panda’s face. No, they don’t draw on the candies one by one. But it’s a difficult and long process, nonetheless.

Watch the full video here to see the fascinating art of handmade hard candies – with a panda on it! Props to the artists at Candylab for offering us a magical candy experience!


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