Golden Life Lessons from 100-Year-Olds

Youtube user LifeHunters interviewed three 100-year-olds and asked them about their most valuable life lessons, and also their biggest regrets.

Like with many elderly people, these conversations are pots of gold. With years of experience behind them, and a head full of gray hairs that symbolize wisdom – we can definitely learn more than just a thing or two. They are like huge storybooks just waiting to be told. Somebody started cutting onions somewhere in the middle of the video though.

This interview has racked up 10 million views in just 2 years since it’s published. Imagine the whole population of New York or London just sitting down in front of these centenarians and being all ears to what they have to say.

We don’t know what it’s like to have lived to be 100, survived a war, your children’s death, your spouse’s passing, your youthful strength fading, and yet still remain positive and content. Well – these 100-year-olds do, and it’s incredibly motivating and inspiring. We’re pretty sure these centenarians wouldn’t have lived this long if not for their precious positive perspective on life. If only more of us took on this mindset, the world would probably be a better place.

A good life is not handed over to you on a silver platter. It’s how you live it.

If you need to watch an inspiring video today, let it be this. You won’t regret it. It might be a good idea to keep a roll of tissue somewhere, just in case. [mashshare]

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