Foods You’re Eating The Wrong Way

You might think you’ve mastered eating corn on the cobs or chicken wings. Well – think again!

Here are 5 foods you’re eating the wrong way this whole time:

  1. Corn on the Cob [mashshare]

Some people argue that no barbecue party is complete without this sweet and salty staple. You usually bite it straight off the cob, causing pieces to get stuck between your teeth. How then do you get the most out of your golden kernels without all the messy hassle? Pull out one row of kernels down the length of the cob and use your thumb to push the next row into the empty space. Repeat until you’ve gotten every single kernel out and enjoy!

  1. Garlic [mashshare]

You’ve been taught to crush cloves under the flat edge of the knife to easily get rid of the pesky garlic skin. But what if you can peel an entire head of garlic in 10 seconds? Take two bowls of the same size and put them on a flat surface. Place the garlic on the flat surface and smash it apart with the butt of your palm. Place your cloves into one of the bowls and cover it with the other. Then shake everything up to produce your perfectly peeled cloves of garlic!

  1. Mangoes [mashshare]

This sticky sweet fruit can be difficult to peel and the stringy pulp gets stuck in your teeth. There’s a better way to enjoy a mango than peeling it and biting straight from the fruit. Begin by slicing it as close to the seed on both sides. Push the mango cheeks on the edge of a glass with the skin side facing out, and the fleshy side dropping into the cup. Now you can enjoy all the mango goodness without the hassle!

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