Family Hopelessly Trying To Fit Giant Sofa Into Small Car

Remember the toys you used to play with when you were young where you had to fit the star into the star-shaped hole? You didn’t know it then but that was one of the most important lessons you had to learn in life.

It’s called spatial awareness.

It’s a complex skill we usually pick up as kids to know how objects fit in space in relation to another object. That’s how we put jigsaw puzzles together and build the Lego houses of our dreams.

But unfortunately, there are some who never caught on this important life skill.

One family was caught on camera (by the neighbors across their home, most probably) desperately trying to fit a 3-seater sofa into the hatchback of a tiny car!

They attempt to load the sofa from all angles, as if that would solve anything (well if anything, it just made it harder to watch without cringing.) It’s too painfully hopeless that you wish you could just scream at them from the window and tell them it’s never going to work!

What’s worse, the woman at one point even thought of removing the pillows – as if it made a difference!

You have to see it for yourself. Take in the size of their car and how large the furniture they were so ambitious about loading on it. You won’t believe they actually kept trying! Watch the full video here. [mashshare]

Family Tries To Fit Giant Sofa Into Small Sedan

This was never going to fit! I can't stop watching 😂😂

Posted by It's Gone Viral on Thursday, January 24, 2019

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