Fake or Real? These Amazing Photos Will Make You Think Twice


Have you ever looked at a piece of photography and questioned whether what you’re seeing is real or just added later in Photoshop?

  1. Horizontal Trees

An overhead shot of a highway with a car speeding by catches a bizarre series of trees lying completely parallel to the ground yet appears upright from above. Seems like something a hurricane would do.

  1. The Wire Art of Benedict Radcliffe

This just looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. This extraordinary installation art has got many people do a double-take to make sure if what they’re seeing is 100% real. 

  1. Meatception

Just when you thought you snagged a big catch, there’s an even bigger prey after it! And what great photographic timing to have caught this moment before the gigantic shark swallows his lunch. 

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  1. The Polar Express

That just means, there’s a polar bear on a train. I don’t know why the people here look pretty calm but I’d probably freak out to see this big fuzzy bear stepping off the subway. Apparently, this photo was taken part of a Greenpeace campaign in Russia to oppose drilling. 

  1. Larger than life realistic sculptures of Ron Mueck

A giant baby’s head blown 100x bigger that is actually a sculpture by the amazing artist Ron Mueck, draws a curious crowd to admire his work of art in full HD. 

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