Epic Prom Dress Online Shopping Fails


Prom is such an amazing time, probably the highlight of our high school memories. The search for the perfect dress is the most crucial decision you’ll have to make as a high schooler – who knows, your football jock crush might just finally notice you.

But these girls soon found out that prom dress shopping is better off done in brick and mortar stores than online shops. You won’t believe some of these fashion fails in prom dress shopping history.

  1. Pink Quilt

A girl went online to a site called Allanhu and found the perfect dress for $223. She was decided to wear it to her prom in a high school in Alabama. What she got wasn’t a dress. In her own words, it looked like a bed sheet. Luckily she ordered a decent backup dress.

  1. Cream Gown Failure

The perfect dress is what dreams are made of, something that will stop time as you walk in that prom dance hall. This girl was supposed to receive a lovely white flowing gown with a top full of sparkles. What she got instead was a dress that looked like it was made entirely out of plastic!

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  1. Green Nightmare

Ordering online has it risks involved, not being able to try it on would mean you might need to alter it or even return it to the store. But receiving a dress completely different from the one you ordered? That should be a criminal offense. A girl thought she ordered a regal green sparkly gown from an online store, but what she got was a long piece of fabric that closely resembled fake grass, with sequins superglued on to it. A nightmare indeed.

Watch the full video below to see all the ridiculously epic prom dress online shopping fails that would ward you off from buying formal dresses off the internet.

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