Do Egg Gadgets Seen On TV Really Work? Find Out!

Not all gimmicky gadgets you see on TV are worth your money. They promise solutions to problems that may or may not exist – such as peeling, cooking and cracking open an egg. Not sure why anyone would have to make gadgets for an extremely simple task, but hey, all in the name of innovation.

Lucky for you, someone else gets to try these gadgets and give their honest-to-goodness, egg-spert reviews to help you decide if these kitchen contraptions are worth your bucks.

Here are some of the egg gadgets you may have already seen advertised on TV:

Eggstractor | Buy on Amazon


This product claims to peel hard-boiled eggs instantly and perfectly every time, all without the hassle of peeling by hand! This contraption uses the air pocket inside the egg to push it out from its shell. Does it really work?

Egglettes | Buy on Amazon


This gadget promises to make hard boiled eggs without the shell. Simply crack open an egg into the egglette pod and boil on any stovetop. You can even add a few veggies on your eggs to spice it up. But does it really work?

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