DIY One Bed Three Ways Tutorial

Here’s another awesome DIY tutorial we stumbled upon in the sea of Youtube creators, and it’s actually pretty amazing. Multi-purpose furniture that checks all your boxes for your home needs are hardly ever sold in shops, you’ll have to have them made. But if you know a bit of carpentry and can follow build plans, save yourself some moolahs and make this DIY bed yourself. It’s basically a sofa bed that transforms into a twin and full-sized bed, perfect for whenever guests of many shapes and sizes come by.

Youtube channel DIY Creators breaks down the process in this detailed DIY tutorial on how to make your own DIY sofa bed, with links to all the shops you can buy the materials from (we love a good Youtuber that makes everything super easy for us). First of all, you’ll have to begin this project with a vision in mind on how this will fit in into your home aesthetic and for whom you’re going to build it for. This will help you visualize your project in your mind and make following through the plans a breeze. It can also be a great family bonding activity if you can involve your partner and the kids to help you put the DIY sofa bed together. Have them hold the wood pieces in place as you hammer the nails done, or go shopping for the materials together.

Check out this cool DIY one bed three ways tutorial here. [mashshare]

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