DIY Modern Wooden Desk with Hidden Mobile Wireless Charging

More and more people are venturing into DIY-ing basically everything in their homes because it gets the most out of what you want and what your space can accommodate. One of the essential furniture you should invest a lot of thought and effort in is your work desk – where you spend a significant amount of your time on. Youtube is a major source for all these DIY tutorials and today we’re looking into not just any other office desk, it’s a modern wooden desk with hidden mobile wireless charging.

Brad Rodriguez from Youtube channel Fix This Build That shared a full detailed tutorial on just how you can build a similar desk for your home office with the nifty feature of a hidden mobile wireless charger. It’s an intelligent solution to having too many pesky wires tangled together that not only takes a lot of your desk space; it looks cluttered too – which isn’t exactly a productivity boost on your part.

Brad has listed down all the materials and tools he has used so it’s easier for you to follow along. You’ll have to know basic woodworking and metalworking though as this isn’t a beginner’s project. But trust me, the finished product looks so much worth the time and effort you’ll put into it.

Watch Brad’s full video here and be on your way to having your own modern wooden desk with hidden mobile wireless charging. [mashshare]

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