Diseases that could Wipe Out Humanity

People have been obsessing over the question of how the world will end. You can see it in movies or read it in books. Different theories come to life. One of the most popular theories is that a disease will spread on the entire globe and cause the extinction of mankind. How possible are these?  Here are some of the diseases that could wipe out humanity.

The Black Death

This horrifying disease also known as The Great Plague or The Black Plague, or simply Plague, is one of the most devastating pandemics in human history. This wiped out an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia between 1346 and 1353. This disease spread along maritime trade routes, carried by rats infected with plague-carrying fleas that travelled aboard merchant ships. Many plague victims died within two days of developing the harrowing symptoms, which include rashes, fevers, vomiting blood, and grotesquely swollen lymph glands. Although the plague is no longer at pandemic level, the disease has not been fully eradicated and a few people are infected every year in the US.

Marburg Virus

One of the most harmful pathogens known to infect humans, this virus’s first outbreak was recorded to be in 1967, infecting the German towns of Marburg and Frankfurt, as well as the Serbian capital of Belgrade, after German workers were exposed to the tissue of infected monkeys. The virus starts out with flu-like symptoms which quickly escalates to peeling off of skin which caused profuse bleeding.


In 2014, Ebola took the media by a storm as this disease spread throughout West Africa at an alarming rate. This virus is characterized by symptoms leading to a decrease in liver and kidney function, which caused external and internal bleeding. The death toll reached to 11,000 within just two years.

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