Dad’s Chance Encounter of an Engineering Student in an Uber Changes His Daughter’s Life

Tori Anderson, an 11-year-old girl, was born with only one finger on each hand. Even with her disability, she is a vivacious, energetic and playful young child. She has learned to cope with her impairment and is trying to do as much as she can on her own. But a chance encounter his dad had in an Uber changed Tori’s life for the better.

Her father, Doug Anderson drives an Uber and one night picked up a Notre Dame engineering student named Michael Skinner. Doug, oblivious to Michael being an engineering student engaged him in casual conversation like any Uber driver would. By the end of the ride, the engineering student offered to help the driver’s daughter by designing her new 3D-printed hands through an ongoing program they had at Notre Dame that envisions to provide prostheses for differently abled people in their community using 3D printing technology. From there, these groups of students met with Tori multiple times to create a custom fit 3D-printed hand prosthesis derived and modified from 3D-printed designs available online.

Cole Grabowski, President of the E-Nable program of Notre Dame, says they would like to make modifications to these designs that can be found online, improve upon them, and make better products moving forward. Tori’s father, Doug, says her 3D-printed prosthetic hand was indeed a gift from the Lord.

Thanks to 3D-printing technology, some hard-working students, a stranger in an Uber, and a dad at the right place at the right time, Tori can now do more things on her own using her 3D-printed prosthetic hands.

Watch how Tori responds to this incredible gift from a stranger: [mashshare]


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