Cringe-Worthy Marriage Proposals


Love is a beautiful thing. We’re a sucker for public confessions of love and wish they happen to us too. Witnessing marriage proposals always make us go ‘awww’ and get us all fuzzy and warm inside. People have become more creative over the years, always thinking of the next grandest, sometimes craziest way to propose to the girl of their dreams.

However, marriage proposals don’t always go according to plan. Remember that there are two choices – Yes and No, and sometimes the surprise backfires and the one with the ring ends up with the shock of his life. Worse – if it happens with a thousand people watching your gut-wrenching moment. Worst – if they caught it on video and posted it on social media.

You can’t exactly look away from a train wreck – and that is exactly what failed marriage proposals are. Moral of their stories? Save some face and never, ever, propose in public – unless you’re super sure she’s going to say “yes!” Witnesses are for the wedding, not the engagement.


Just Funny Videos has compiled the most cringe-worthy marriage proposals ever caught on camera and the clip has already racked up at least 6 million views.  Watch the full video here.

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